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Upload your resume and let LinkMe do the work for you - you'll be found by the thousands of employers and recruiters searching for people to fill their job opportunities.

Think about the key words and terms that employers might be using to look for someone with your education, work experience and skills, and ensure that these words appear in your resume. The more complete your resume is, the more likely you are to be found and contacted by employers.

We recommend reviewing review your profile regularly to ensure that all your resume information has been entered correctly and is up to date.

These tips come directly from recruitment industry sources to help improve your resume and make employers and recruiters want to read it.

  • Sequence: Ensure your resume is methodical and in sequence. If the reader finds it too hard to follow (eg unexplainable date gaps, or otherwise incoherent), they will stop reading.
  • Targeted: Your resume should be targeted to the role you are applying for. This may result in you having several different versions of your resume specific to each job you apply for.
  • Abbreviations: Avoid them as not everyone knows what they mean.
  • Buzzwords: Are okay only if they are relevant to the role and industry you are applying for.
  • Cohesive: Get someone else to read your resume (family, friends etc.). It needs to flow, make sense and should be concise.
  • Page limit: Only include necessary information and try to limit your resume to 4 pages. More information can be provided in an interview.
  • Join: Thousands of employers and recruiters use LinkMe everyday to find resumes like yours to fill the roles they are recruiting for.
  • Stand out: Use job titles that encapsulate the industry and position you have had (e.g. Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant), and keep your LinkMe resume up to date. When you update it, we tag it with the word NEW or UPDATED so it stands out for employers when they search.

For more help on your resume and career, see our Resources page.